Session 59: Finally Time to Go

This time, the PCs leave Orc City and head back for Imperial Ward (via Keep Xaceos, a trip of 55+ days through the mountains).

They have plenty of food and are on their way but the road is narrow and treacherous.

They see a lone figure coming towards them. Wearing a dark cloak with a raven on its shoulder. When they meet Tor falls to his knees, he says this is Illucidor, the all-father. Illucidor has one eye, the other gone and healed over. He has two ravens with him, one on his shoulder and one circling above. And he speaks to the party:

“You disappeared from my view 12 days ago.”

He gives Baughb a key and instructs the players to take it back to the place they were when they disappeared from his view. He turns to leave…

Cory says “wait!” And the god waits. He turns back toward Cory and looks at her with eyes at once omnipotent and vulnerable.

Cory asks “what will happen when we take the key?”

The god utters something it has never said before, “I do not know.”

X.P.: 10,000

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