Aeon 2 – The Second Generation

Lous & Raeb CE “Betrayers of the Faith”

Lous mated with Raeb outside of Aeon, and both were cursed as a result. They started as N, but are now jaded and bitter. Their curse was they would desire Mortal things, and as gods, not be able to enjoy them. They are materialistic and self-centered. Both are always on the PM hatching one evil plot or another. They do not stay in one place very long and travel as a couple with a somewhat sinister relationship hinted at.

  • Torture
  • Avarice
  • Evil Nobility

Symbol: Two snakes entwined

Frome N “Goddess of Perspective”

Frome searches for the objective opinion. She tries to weigh all aspects of a problem equally before answering any question. For this reason, her answers are generally not what the questioner wanted to hear. She works often with Elucidor and Thot to determine the best course of action of persuasion on the PM.

  • Justice
  • Druidic Elements
  • Meditation

Symbol: Equal weights of different materials

Bligh L “Encrypter of Laws”

Not related to the (in)famous sea-captain, Bligh is the Gods’ scribe so to speak, though he gets carried away sometimes. He creates codes and uses them to place the oral tradition laws onto longer lasting media, such as stone or good parchment. He likes to have all contingencies accounted for and will spend endless amounts of time doing this for any given problem. He is usually stopped by the other Gods when they want something written — you see, the other Gods are all illiterate.

  • Written languages
  • Codified laws (political and religious)
  • Systems (institutionalized)

Symbol: Quill

Phote CG “Music in Form”

Wife to Hadan, Phote also is in the creation business. She works in sound rather than metals. All songs come from her — from the stupidest bird-chirp to the greatest symphonies — the inspiration comes from her. She plays a golden harp shaped like a flowing melody wired with strings of unicorn hair.

  • Musical elements
  • Sounds
  • Bards

Symbol: Small harp, usable

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