Session 73: Get in the Car

The party has captured Sil and looted her treasures. She is tied up and led around by the group.

Looking around, the party sees where they are. The landscape is dry, red, hot, lifeless, and basically miserable.

Over the horizon comes a strange contraption. A skeleton of some long-dead demonic creature embedded with steam-powered machinery that drive huge spiked wheels, a fact that the Redcaps running the device used to fling themselves to the battle when it got to the party.

There was a bloody battle and there was some risk. Baughb gave Sil her wand back to allow her to help defeat the enemies. She immediately used it against Baughb. Oops. One of the Redcaps ended up slitting her throat and, well, that was the end of that.

Cory kept her cool and captured the navigator while simultaneously crushing the captain under one of the huge wheels.

Now the party seems to have a vehicle. But… to go where?

X.P. 15,000

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