Gods of Yalarad

Every so often there is a cataclysmic event known as Aeon. This event is the only time that the gods can mate productively and conceive another generation of Gods. The succeeding generations of Gods have always been smaller than the previous, and there is the fear that there will be no new Gods. This isn’t much of a problem as the current Gods are all immortal, but it still troubles some of them nonetheless and these Gods work toward another Aeon.

In general, the “good” Gods work against Aeon and the “evil” Gods work for it.

The mortal creatures who inhabit Yalarad are not generally in favour of Aeon, mainly because the event is so cataclysmic that no life has ever survived it. There is very little knowledge of previous Aeons, and though it is known that there was intelligent life in them very little is known about that life.

No one knows where the original eight “Elder Gods” came from.

God’s Family Tree

Yalarad Gods' Family Tree

What really happened?

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