Aeon 3 – Generation of Sorrows

Nae NE “Bringer of Sorrows”

As the official distributor of sadness to the PM, Nae does her job well, breaking friendships, marriages and loves. Usually she uses external forces on the victims to try to weaken them as the true respect-love-friendship bond is unbreakable, even to a Goddess.

  • Lawyers
  • Separation (voluntary)
  • Strife (between friends)

Symbol: Black sphere

Meail NG “Bringer of Joy”

Meail has a hand in good friendships, marriages etc…. She detests Nae for obvious reasons and works to allow friendships to grow/prosper.

  • True council
  • Friendship
  • Goodwill

Symbol: White sphere

Saur C(E) “Lord of the Air”

All flying things bow to Saur as he controls their element. The winds are his domain, giving him control of some surface things as well as airborne things (ships, fires etc….). He is unpredictable and will follow a pattern only to change it at a random time. He does not meddle in the climate of Yalarad, just in specific areas. If he killed all the life on the planet, the other Gods would not be amused.

  • Birds
  • Weather
  • Sailors (Skyships)

Symbol: Smoke

Ooglykhan CN “Lord of the Sea”

Large bodies of water are Ooglykhan’s dominion, he has control over them as Saur has over the air. He is not so antipathetic towards the users of his domain though.

  • Water (Oceans)
  • Sailors (Surface)
  • Fish

Symbol: Open bowl of water

Kneal LN”Lord of the Land”

Land masses are Kneal’s main concern, though she sometimes deals with sub-sea lands — much to Ooglykhan’s disgust. He and Kneal quarrel over that on occasion (they make waves). Kneal controls what the land is composed of and how it is shaped (except erosion).

  • Earthquakes
  • Mountains
  • Soils

Symbol: A handful of soil or rock

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