Aeon 4 – The Wandering Gods

Era NE “Goddess of Time Perception”

Time, and all that flows in its inexorable path, is part of Era’s domain. Many believe that she is the key to Aeon and that she alone has the power to trigger this event. She has not found this power yet, so she searches all of time to learn its secret. It was foretold by her mother, Nae, that she would trigger Aeon and the Gods would be renewed. Most pacts that she makes with mortals centre on her search for Aeon.

  • Time perception
  • Cycles
  • Rivers

Symbol: Hourglass

Arepo N “Lord of Death”

The end of every mortal’s life is with Arepo. He is the end of the process we call life, and is the door to whatever may lie beyond, what that is, he refuses to say. He does not revel in death but he enjoys it and it nourishes his domain.

  • Corpses
  • Death
  • Winter

Symbol: Dagger

Re N “Goddess of Life”

The love of life is Re’s main concern. Mortal creatures take pleasure in their lives — the pain, the growth, the goals — and Re helps them experience these. To her, sorrow is just as important to experience as joy and both should be felt fully. Every mortal that is born has felt her touch.

  • Birth
  • Reveling
  • Enrichment

Symbol: Two people entwined

What really happened?

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