Dor Kall

Dor Kall is a city on the north shore of the Falloway Peninsula. Supported by Mithril mining and close to the Northern CSQR it is both wealthy and subject to periodic raids from the Northern men.

Dor Kall and Environs

Dor Kall and Environs

The city is below some 30′ cliffs on the Northern ocean. Atop the cliffs is a 20′ high wall manned by town guard at all times. Most threats come from the sea, however, and the surrounding cliffs make a landing difficult anywhere but in the harbour.

Road Names

The road names in Dor Kall are mainly of Elvish derivation, though they are a bit mangled in places.

Street Name Translation to Common Meaning
Cabed Malle Cliff Road the town’s main road
Alma-Ando Wealth Gate refers to the guarded gate to the loading docks
Tel-Sangan Gathering of Roofs the warehouses of Dor Kall
Almamen Wealth Way place of the money changers and mithril market
Lok-Nuin Bend Under simply the bend under the cliff
Eithel Othrad Well Street for those without their own wells, the town community water source
Rast Sanga Crowded Cape often the busiest part of town between the docks and the rest of the town
Raika Crooked (Wrong) the slave houses have their business operations here
Lingue Kalpa Hanging Lamps literally the street of hanging lamps
Rimbe Men Crowded Road at shift change for the fishing fleet and on election days it lives up to its name
Endemen Middle Road simply the middle of the main town
Esta Malle First Street an old street that links the estates of the wealthy to the town
Kaaneondol Valor Rock legend has it that this road was the battleground of the first unsuccessful raid by the Northern men
Enedmallen Middle Circle literally the turnaround at the end of Middle Road
Alfirin Malle Goldenrod Road Alfirin is a flower that grows all along the north coast and is favoured for its beauty and earthy scent
Mallorn Rim Golden Tree Copse means Mallorn forest, has come to mean wealth in Dor Kall
Mautil Finger Point appropriate name for the finger of land leading to the Tower of the Wizard Fartholomew
Tel Tincmaeg Roof Metal Point the location of the first lighthouse in Dor Kall and protection for the Mithril cargo ships


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