The Yalarad calendar is made up of 360 days, 60 weeks of 6 days, and 8 months of 45 days each.

Days of the week

There are six days in each week:

  • Saradat
  • Pomersh
  • Krach
  • Florae
  • Batath
  • Maraudu

Because each deity’s church has decided on a different day of the week as it’s holy day, and not all of them demand a day of reflection (Dou, for example, rejects the idea of a day of rest and instead has a day of “double-effort” where followers are expected to do everything twice as fast as normal – if physically possible). An interesting side-effect of this chaos with followers, deities, and employers is that it is common for establishments of size to be open six days a week and smaller establishments to be closed random days … there is no set standard. Also, as might be expected, the followers of Dou are sought after for many positions.


Each of the months has a certain temper which is associated with one of the Elder Gods.

The way that the calendar is spoken is month-day. So, if it was the first day of Mleou, then you would say Mleou-Saradat-1. Likewise, you would say Mleou-Pomersh-2 for the eighth of the month. This method of stating dates is very much an Elvish tradition. Humans often do not have the patience for Elvish methods and have begun using simply the month and number instead. So, the eighth of Mleou, which happens to be a Pomersh.


Each day of the year is made up of 24 hours split into four parts which roughly correspond to the four seasons:

0-2                    Morning            Mleou
2-12                  Day                  Dou, Uran, Fahn
12-14                Evening            Hadan
14-24                Night                Illucidor, Turak, Thot

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