Session 60: Orc Wikipedia

The party returns up the road toward Orc City. On the way they run across a group of Orcs being attacked by a strange creature that looks like a shark with legs which has emerged from the ground. The creature is a Bulette which emerged from an interesting-looking hole in the ground that goes back a ways.

Bulette - Monsters - D&D Beyond
Bulette (land shark)

It charged the party but didn’t make it far and succumbed to the combined (aggravating) damage that they can inflict.

The party then headed to Orc City and messed around a bit. They eventually got to the downed escape pod and Baughb was able to access the glass “oracle” and search the Galactic Orc Wikipedia database. She found posts from Flam there…

Then, some red shirts arrived and escorted our heroes back up.

X.P. 10,000

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