Session 35: the long and winding road

The party looked out over the steep rocky valley outside of the mine. They remembered the area where they camped before storming the mine themselves, and Balhor informed them it was full of Ghayll’s forces. All were tired, it was time for sleep and, for Daemon, some study to recover some spells.

The clerics in Balhor’s new army moved around healing the wounded, including the party. It would be a long night for them.

Morning came too soon with gruff Dwarf voices and a pre-dawn glow over the teeth of the coastal mountains. Balhor summoned everyone to the cliff edge and pointed out the telltale movement of Ghayll’s forces moving up the road toward the landing.

Then, too quickly, the vanguard rounded the last bend and the defenders could see them approaching. They were all highly trained archers and were a match for the Party’s Eol and Baughb. They came slowly, loosing arrows the whole way.

A couple of good ballistae shots from the Dwarves downed two, many arrows from Eol, Baughb, Cory, and Eloise found their mark and downed others. The Dwarves tried to use a barrel of oil as a giant flaming bomb but it didn’t explode until Daemon’s combination of Flaming Sphere and Enlarge spells rolled over it and burst it into flames.

All was not smooth sailing for our heroes, however. Eol slipped. Cory slipped. Eloise slipped. Eol slipped again and managed to completely fall out of the tower into some oil that the Dwarves had laid on the road below.

But the most unexpected event had to be the Attawattenai (ATA-waht-an-eye). A high pitched sound in the ears of the Elves was followed by flights of four Attawattenai dropping flaming oil flasks onto the defensive ballistae towers. Flight after flight came, four in all every couple of minutes, and they destroyed three of the four towers closest to the cliffs.

Daemon (and Cory?) called to the Attawattenai to try and warn them that they were aligned with evil men, but their words had no effect.

After ten of the vanguard were killed (and callously thrown off the cliff it turns out) a horn was sounded and the army began retreating.

At that time some fighters who had been invisible attacked the western flank of the Dwarves but there were only five of them and ten Dwarves and they were all killed. Two Dwarves were also killed so that Stone Master has only eight and not ten.

In the lull after the battle you smell burning, your eyes are itchy from the smoke, and you just want this to be over.

XP: 1,000


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