Session 36: look up, look waaaaay up

The PCs (of whom there are Stryfe, Daemon, Cory, and Baughb) are invited to help Balhor with strategy around an expected second attack by Ghayll’s men and the newly-discovered Attawattanai.

Three initiatives are started:

  • Launch a light net over the flying Attawattanai using two ballista with a net between them. This requires precision timing on the release of the javelins and then a solid hit over the fliers.
  • Send Vitalis (what’s the cat’s real name?) the cat all the way down to the enemy camp with invisibility potion. He sees preparation for what seems a huge military force.
  • Build a Dwarven wall along the top of the cliff to provide some cover from the archers as they advance.
  • Baughb also positions a Devil’s Paper on the path 25′ below the landing in the hopes that it will distract the enemy on their advance.

Four captives

In the pre-dawn hours the enemy is sighted advancing up the road carrying torches. The entire road is lit up with their movement. There must be hundreds of them! Meanwhile, looking up the defenders see Attawattanai circling on the mountain air currents far above them in a clear morning sky.

As the vanguard rounds the final cliff and comes into sight Baughb and Daemon, through Vitalis, hear an intensely high pitched sound. Vitalis is able to detect that it’s coming from the direction of the advancing army.

Then the Attawattanai attack in waves of four just like the previous day but this time much more aggressively and frequent. In the battle that ensues:

  • 2 Dwarves in North tower hit by oil flasks & killed
    13ddd 13ddd
    The ballista miraculously survives
  • One Attawattanai is hit by Magic Missile from Daemon and another by a swarm of arrows and it flies off the cliff and falls into the ravine.
  • Stryfe casts sleep: gets two Attawattanai who drop to the ground
    1 killed on impact
    1 survives the fall but killed when Stryfe breaks its leg
  • Three Dwarves hurt by oil in the surviving North tower
  • Two Dwarves hurt by oil in the South tower
  • Baughb looses arrows trying to hit the Attawattanai in the Wing. The first attempt fails but the second finds the mark
    Wing 1: 19 baughb breaks his fall and keeps him alive
    Wing 2: 6 keeps flying
  • Baughb then proceeds to keep the wounded Attawattanai alive while transferring it to the Dwarves guarding the prisoners.
  • The first two attempts to fire the net with the ballistae end with comical failures. The net attempt works on third try, however, to great effect. Three Attawattanai are entangled and fall. They don’t take much damage from the fall but the oil flasks they are carrying burst into flame and kill them.
  • The fourth is fired on by Eloise(?), wounded, and cannot fly. It lands on the cliff edge and the dwarves surround it. Balhor commands them to keep it alive.

Meanwhile, Cory is on the trail peppering the enemy with arrows as they advance. When they get close enough she releases something from a bag onto the path and the enemy begins to slip and slide. This holds them up for a couple of rounds as they attempt to advance up the road.

The arrow exchange continues until they get within close range and Cory drops her bow and scurries up the escape rope and behind the newly-constructed Dwarf wall to fire down at the enemy with her crossbow.

Another Attawattanai attack comes down the mountain, but when they see eight of their brethren either dead or captured and unable to fly they pull up and fly to a great height.

That was all we could get through, so we leave our adventurers with the ground force advancing to the sound of drums.

X.P. 1,000

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