Notes: The playlist of Queen Isabella’s Troupe

Ever wonder about the repertoire of Queen Isabella’s troupe? Here they are in all of their dramatic glory.

  • Freya’s Dream: an abstract dance piece on Aeon.
  • Fafhrd’s Dilemma: story of a loyal man who must assassinate his lifelong friend to keep the states from dissolving into anarchy. Talks about the early days of the City States of Queen Roselaine before the Sovereign Queen took power.
  • Aldurin’s Weakness: a short comedy of the famous Aldurin Vio Flaskmur and his failed courtship of Lady Audrey Von Righten.
  • The Fly & The Bishop: a comedy of a hard-drinking bishop of Hadan, a band of Dwarves, and a magic hammer. You can imagine the hilarity when the drunk Dwarves with the hammer take a dislike to that pesky fly.
  • Two’s a Crowd: a skit of two brothers and a pair of twin Elvish women. One pair gets married.
  • Air: a hero, Ofram Torvald, is on a quest for the mythical Deck of Many Cards from the Airless Summit (in Kazûl Naktom) to the Earthscar Underworld.
  • Brotherhood: a story of an adventuring party tempted to split by external forces but that stays together through thick and thin.
  • The Gathering of Banners: an epic retelling of how Queen Roselaine brough the Human lands under control and stopped the endless City-State Wars.
  • Lady Althea’s Choice: the Lady must choose between court life and a Ranger she fancies.
  • The Sentence of Silence: the first half of this play is done in pantomime which forces the audience to really construct the characters from only nuance and movement. It is of a father not ready for his daughter to find love.
  • Tusk & the Brothel: a travelling man, Tusk, is looking for a roll in the hay but finds much more.
  • The Knight & Illucidor: a mythic retelling of the landing of humans on Yalarad and a figure called only “The Knight” who leads them to a life in the North with both challenges and opportunity.
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