Session 25: Seriously? Underground again?

The party decides to re-enter the fortress they had just left, placing the recently released prisoners (both human and dwarf) in the sentry towers surrounding the fortress as look-outs, so the party can explore, find Gale whom they heard was within the fortress (with a new weapon) and to loot the place

  • Searched through the remaining barracks that the party had previously bypassed
  • Mod recklessly opens a trunk (against clear warnings from the DM) and is immediately shot with 3 poison darts
  • Reck sees an opportunity and collects 7 poison darts that have not expelled their poison (and totally knock an opponent out for 10 rounds of combat!) and then collects the 3 spent darts stuck in Mod
  • After lifting up a mattress which reveals a crossbow and 10 bolts, Reck collects the revealed bounty (oddly, when offered to Cory, she has no interest in collecting them for herself)
  • Cory doesn’t seem to be herself
  • The party is leery to attack her, as at this time, they believe something has happened to Cory, and they want to save her if at all possible
  • The party makes it’s way underground below the cells, and begin searching – where they find Gale, and two incredibly strong opponents
  • Gale (not to the party’s surprise) has the Medusa head and the magic sword again
  • They realize the Medusa head has no effect, kill Gale* and flee from the strong opponents who will surely kill them
  • At some point, Cory rejoins the group, at which point the group realizes that they’ve been exploring with a doppelganger in the party and not Cory at all – it is a skeletal ugly creature but they subdue it and put bondage gear on it … “just in case” it really is Cory
  • When they realize they may be putting themselves in another lengthy dungeon crawling situation, they head back up into the fortress, gather the recently released prisoners, flee into the forest and decide to head for the mines to help their dwarf friend (Balhor?) rescue his fellow dwarves, and take down the slavery ring
  • Baughb spent a lot of time wrestling with the doppleganger. IIRC I don’t think anyone killed it, we just left it on the ground in bondage gear.
  • Baughb grabbed the magic sword again before fleeing.

XP: 1,000

* Gale wasn’t dead yet, just in the negatives when the party fled.

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