Session 66: New beginnings, new endings

The party is in a dead Galactic Orc starship and they decide to head for the landing craft. A group of Orcs approaches (finally, after much debate and many encounter rolls … made public…). All is well, Baughb was wisely not attacking them and letting them pass when she noticed they were staring up the hall toward the bridge…

The main screen was back on and the surface of the planet was WAY closer than it should be and tracers of plasma were beginning to show as the starship started skimming through the upper atmosphere of Yalarad.

The Orcs headed toward the escape pod but more came down the hall towards the landing craft, looking to take them. Luckily, the door to the hangar was defended by Mod who made short work of the Orcs as they came at him. They were wearing no armour and had only daggers… no match for Mod in full armour albeit inside an expandable space suit (which received 7 tears during the combat and would have been essentially useless).

It looked like power was coming back to the ship, right on time based on the players’ intuition, but then they heard down the hall “my rifle is working!”

This complicated things. Eöl and Eloise fired arrows into the oncoming enemy. Mod was pushed back by one Orc who made a kamikaze run. Reck had wound up her crafted multi-crossbow and let loose with a barrage of bolts. Cory was at the hangar door ready to vent everyone into space and let the PCs with their spacesuits maneuver back once the “dust” settled.

During all this Baughb is desperately trying to restart the landing craft. At one point, when they hear that power is coming back elsewhere, Tor takes the key and places it on the landing craft console. Immediately the power fails again. Tor then gives the key back to Baughb with the words “I cannot handle this power.”

The PCs feel a thump in the ship. But its hard to discern from the general groans of the starship as it feels the pressure of the planet’s atmosphere.

The attacking Orcs are making progress, albeit at high cost with Eöl, Eloise, Reck, and Mod fighting them off. Cory is waiting for the door control to come back on and Baughb and Tor are desperately trying to restart the landing craft.

Then, the Orcs say that their rifles are back online, the door controls open up again (hey, there’s an atmosphere field in place), and the landing craft comes back to life. Baughb immediately starts the launch cycle and everyone starts heading to the craft, not without racking up a few more Galactic Orc kills though.

One Orc gets through the doors (turns out it’s Bork) but the rest are left behind. As the PCs exit the hangar they see a huge starship above them… they recognize it as the Galactic Human ship.

Hopefully their encounter with the humans will go better this time…

X.P. 5,000

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