Session 65: Again with the torture… oy vey

The scenario starts much the same way as the last time the PCs were abducted by the Galactic Orcs… they are singled out and tortured to try and get information. They feed the Orcs some tasty tidbits:

  • Reck: tells them we’re here for what you think… we’re working with the humans
  • They learn that Mod likes hunting and fighting
  • The PCs destroyed a worm zombie infestation
  • The Queen Isabella troupe, where Flam was stationed, has been in many pivotal events in recent Yalarad history
  • The PCs are learning that the Galactics are here and are bringing a wormhole
  • The PCs believe in gods and they think the key is from one of them
  • The PCs have no idea about what powers magic on Yalarad…
  • The party is incredibly resilient to corruption and would not turn on one another

This time, however, their uncanny knowledge of what is happening — and what will happen — moves up their “interview” date. Flam has to intervene earlier, which he does. They slowly convince him that they know the future because they’ve been here before.

Flam dies in a short firefight with some fully-equipped Orcs while keeping them from stopping Baughb and Eöl from placing the key on the command console. After a short scuffle with the Orc command staff Baughb executes a perfect holeshot and floats (the gravity goes out when systems are down) directly back to the party and knocks some disabled Orcs out of the way.

Baughb gives the key to Tor who says “I can see Illucidor! My powers are back!” and he presses the key to Flam’s chest and Flam coughs and wakes up.

The party has to decide what to do next…

X.P. 5,000

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