Session 64: Reentry

The PCs fought their way to a hangar with two landing craft (big boxes they saw land on the planet). They engaged some autopilot functions and were able to get the landing craft out of the hangar as the Orc starship was burning up in the atmosphere. As the autopilots took them to a safe orbit they saw it below them breaking up and burning. Sparks flying from the wreckage were likely Orcs trying their luck with a suit reentry.

Then a large ship enters orbit and slides above the landing craft. Evasion seems tough and small, human landing craft that resemble bugs exit the main ship and approach.

Space:1999 Models: 22″ Eagle update | Collector Model

The Humans promptly board and attack the party but are driven off, but not before disabling the landing craft and sending it on an uncontrolled descent. The players experience the crash, then have a strange dream about Illucidor. They wake up in the same spot they were when the Galactic Orcs captured them. Then it happens again…

X.P. 5,000

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