Session 61: God’s Key EMP

The party is stunned and taken prisoner (again). They wake up in the now-familiar cells but with one large difference, they are dressed in a light tunic and all (ALL) of their possessions have been removed. Baughb, has one reminder of her possessions… a key-shaped burn mark on her chest where it lay on its cord.

What follows is a terrible experience. The party members are separated and taken one by one to be tortured with vicious, calculated, painful, sessions lasting hours and even days. One by one they are returned to their cells, dragged by their Orc guards bleeding and battered and often unconscious. The hours turn to days turn to perhaps weeks, it is impossible to know.

Then one day a familiar face shows up. It’s Flam (Stephan “The Flamboyant” Sophosil)! He left on that large bug which the players now know was a shuttlecraft of Orc manufacture. He is very disturbed by the state of the party and ensures that they get released by getting them all sent together to a review.

The party ends up in a research room (to be honest I forget how, would love some insight) and things turn south… however it turns out that Flam is in one of the marine armour suits and makes short work of the Orcs in the room. The Party is now free and they head to the bridge with one stop to pick up some of their confiscated property.

At the bridge they scare off the crew (remember, Flam is in an armoured mech suit) and Baughb makes for the control panel (mirrors with flashing lights and orcish symbols). She has an overwhelming urge to place the Key of Illucidor on the panel, which she does.

When the key touches the glossy surface it “jumps” to lie flat on it and a line of darkness spreads across all the panels and out into the hall and presumably throughout the ship. All sources of light go dark and all sounds, including the background whisper of the ventilation, go quiet. The gravity fails and everyone begins floating.

While the party is getting its bearings Flam maneuvers over to the now dark main screen and slides an emergency viewport open. He reports:

“The ship is powerless and our orbit is degrading rapidly.”

The party isn’t 100% sure what that means, but the tone and expression on Flam’s face says it’s bad.

X.P. 15,000

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