Session 56: Pop! You’re in Madh Goi

The PCs are tapped to go on a secret mission with another party, The Heroes of Godfrey go with them:

  • Belgarian Truesight (Belgarian)
  • Tor Thakdyn (Tor)
  • Silvannah Lorien Eillanah (Sil)
  • Halish Heathdale (Hush)
  • Sheridan Llewellan (Sheridan)

The parties join by touching a Torc of Teleportation (ToT) and appear just behind a giant tower with Orcs all around it.

The PCs discover this tower is a giant magical cannon that is hurling mithril spheres ~700 miles to land on Imperial Ward.

The parties set a fire under the tower and head for cover. Just then Orc military units arrive, and Belgarian gathers his team to teleport away. Our heros are too far away to go with them but one of the Heroes of Godfrey rebels and stays back: Tor Thakdyn the Cleric. He stays with the party.

Judging from mutterings the party is rather annoyed at the HoG team.

Regardless, our foolhardy hero, Mod, almost bites it when Kraol, from the Monastery of Arepo, recognizes him and casts Flame Strike on him. The PCs barely escape but then have to deal with Galactic Orcs in Landing Ships.

You read that right. Space-faring Orcs have landed and taken our adventurers.

Oh my.

X.P.: 5,000

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