Session 52: Discover the Source

The players had explored part of the basement and had found the dirt under the graveyard. The players fought a few Wights (in 1st ed. these take a level without a saving throw — Eek!) with no incidents. 

Under the graveyard

Then the party found a stone door. It was heavy but they pushed it open and entered a room that was cold and smelled of decay that was halfway between vegetable and meat rot. 

Tank room

In this room was a metal tank with a door on it and around the door was four 1″ indentations that looked like an orb would fit. The players (who? I don’t recall) pressed the orb into the indentation and the doors rotated open… and immediately a 2′ stream of worms flowed out!

Well, this was an issue. The Worms were flowing like liquid and filling the contained area marked on the map. To make matters worse, they formed two large bipedal creatures similar to a Shambling Mound. The players knew there were four barrels suspended above the area with ropes handing down tantalisingly and which smelled of Pine Tar. They went for it and pulled all four ropes.

Naturally, the  PCs succeeded (it gets aggravating sometimes) and all four barrels emptied into the space killing and displacing the worms. The creatures are repelled by the pine tar and leave the four spaces open.

Meanwhile the PCs tried to hit the Worm Creatures with swords and arrows but found that their force just went through the worm-body and didn’t seem to do much damage.

Cory had been under a barrel when it released it’s pine tar and took her cloak and wrapped it around the worm monster in a big hug. The pine tar essentially dissolved the worms and seemed to do a lot of damage.

However, there are more flowing through the portals. And only so much pine tar. And time is running out… 


XP when you finish this encounter…

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