Session 51: The Monastery of ??? – They’ll be Back

The opening scene from this week’s game started with the eastern doors opening onto the graveyard courtyard and the players feeling a bit antsy about the encounter. Their worries were shown to be justified two leaders burst out with archers, warriors, and acolytes at their back. They immediately set to the party with the fighter, Soghurut, doing a job on Baughb and the cleric, Kraol, engulfing Eol in a flame pillar that took his breath away. 

Note to players: I’m sorry I forgot my materials, I thought that digital manuals and notes would be fine but didn’t realize how much I look up on my screen!

However, then Daemon got a glint in his eye, and the smallest in the party performed an epic feat (although, truth be told, the dice were more normal this time than previous castings). Two Fireballs later and most of the enemy are smouldering on the ground.

However, Soghurut and Kraol were barely affected, and escaped to the East through the smoke caused by the Fireball-induced fires on tables, doors, etc. After this battle the players wisely decided that hanging out in the graveyard / courtyard might not be the best idea with all the windows looking down on it and headed indoors.


Escape from graveyard

Once inside the party decided to head to the basement since that is where “the source” was supposed to be. They ended up in a storage area that was completely unremarkable.

They then proceeded to the south and through a couple of rough doors to find themselves a small tunnel in the dirt that barely allowed one of them to enter at a time. This tunnel had small areas carved out that had tunnels going up that ended in total darkness. Tossing the amulet into the darkness had no effect.

In the second of these caves the darkness disgorged a Wight, which led to a very quick, very anxious battle as the players now know that the Wight will drain a level on any hit. And this is where we are, in some dirt-carved caverns barely wide enough for one humanoid searching for “the source.”


Monastery cellar

XP: 1,000

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