Session 50: The Monastery of ??? – the Graveyard

As the party left the room with the intelligent, chess-playing, zombie they headed south along the hall. They hadn’t taken more than a few steps before light and voices were approaching from around the corner. They had little time to react as a group of Orcs in religious robes rounded the corner (1. below).

These Orcs immediately attacked, at least the front four did. In the back was a rather comely Orc (by Orc standards, but much more “symmetrical” than normal Orcs) who looked rather excited to see the party.

This battle didn’t go exactly as expected for Mod and Baughb, however. The Orcs were Clerics of the Monastery and quickly incapacitated the two with Hold Person spells. Luckily Eloise, Cory, and Reck were up to the task of taking the Clerics down, with Reck getting a particularly grisly hit on the lead Cleric who managed to fall unceremoniously to the ground. By the end of the battle, however, Baughb and Mod were still immobile, and the final Cleric ran to the East (red arrow). The one Orc who was excited to see the party, one Otish DohrKhull, managed to “prove” he wasn’t a threat by casting cure light wounds on Mod.

The party’s movement during the session

Their new “friend” knew that the way to turn off “the source” in the Monastery was to get an amulet that was protected in the graveyard. The Party needed to head there fast since the escapee was definitely interested in telling others about the battle.

In the graveyard the party immediately split (never split the party!) but they didn’t go far… Mod headed to the South with DohrKhull in tow and the others went North. The Party met a couple of Ghasts and then the dreaded Wights. They didn’t really know their peril but soon found out (the easy way) that these things will drain experience levels if they hit. Mod also found himself a mummy that didn’t really like being disturbed. Luckily for the party they were somewhat easy to (re)kill though they did need magic weapons to do it. After an extensive search including the interiors of the sarcophagi that were magically dark the Players found some cool stuff and … an amulet! Reck currently has it.

The graveyard

At the end of the session, however, the East door to the graveyard area flings open and a number of particularly angry Orcs are there (2. on first map).

X.P. 1,500 – assuming you don’t meet any more Wights …

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