Session 49: The Monastery of ??? – The Entrance

The players trek to the North side of the monastery. The gash in the building looks surprisingly like a huge axe had chopped into the wood and stone. Out of the darkness wafts the smell of rotting meat and vegetation… like a food box had been left in a cold cellar far too long.

The party scrambles over the rubble and into the first chamber. Here they find two stone altars that look suspiciously like they are configured for humanoid sacrifice. Each has rings for tie-downs and channels to direct blood to the corners. Here, there are pegs that might allow buckets to capture the fluids. Next to each altar is a silver bowl, large, relatively heavy looking, and full of fetid water. To the South is an opening that shows a giant statue and rows of pews. The statue is of a rather good looking Orc cleric looking stern and holding a large book.

Monestary of ??? – First Session

As the party moves into the next room they are jumped by, surprise surprise, human zombies! These zombies are wearing white gauzy robes and are pretty squishy. When hit they essentially explode with maggots. The party does away with the zombies and manages to avoid most of the worm / maggots.

When the party moves to the south-west the start investigating rooms. The first room has two zombies that put up more of a fight but are eventually killed. These zombies seem “fresher” in that they have more muscle tone and the maggot / worms are deeper inside. They also have shards of prismatic glass stuck in their heads.

This room has a number of books in it, five of which have the same skeletal hand that the Book of Arepo had in Seer Florence Tack’s library.

In another room the party finds a human tied to a table that looks similar to the altars in the first room. This human’s eyes follow the party and when they come close he whispers “kill me.” After a small amount of discussion Baughb puts her cloak over the hapless human and puts him out of his misery.

In the next room to the south the party finds two Orc zombies. These ones have shards of prismatic glass in their heads as well but also have metal pins stuck in the openings in their skulls with wires connecting them. The first jumps up and immediately attacks while the other watches. This zombie casts a magic missile… that’s a first.

Once the party dispatches the first zombie the second is still there and is setting up a chess board. The party (Reck?) plays a quick game of chess with this zombie and it seems to take delight in crushing its opponent quickly and ruthlessly. The party notices that this zombie has a very strange configuration to the opening in its skull. There are “layers” of brain matter in the opening, and pins that seem to hold them together with the requisite wires and prismatic glass.

X.P. 1,500

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