Session 46: company

The party manages to hole up in the barn, although it is starting to burn so the length of time they have is pretty short.

In an excellent “fight fire with fire” moment, Daemon unleashes his last Fireball at the human forces, Gate Torak by their shields, and drops them all except the cleric. The intensity of the fire really was intense.

The party negotiates with the remaining Humans, also from Gate Torak it is thought, and convinces them that it is in their best interest to just let them go and provide them with some rations to aid their journey. The party collects the lifeless remains of Mod but are able to revive him and they head out after Queen Isabella.


There is no real drama to speak of when the party reconnects with Queen Isabella. Nope, nothing to report here.


The troupe is heading East on the main road that skirts the Human border and is worried about what to do. While they lumber on they find a large group of mainly humans and half-elves in seeming disarray.

A leader, Maude, has tried to keep the group together and is keeping food centralized and rationing it out.

Some kids come to the party’s wagon and ???Mod??? gives one of them an apple. This immediately causes a minor stampede as the very hungry people flock to the wagon to get some food.

With some talk and some ingenuity the party gets their wagons past the main group of refugees but it’s unclear what will happen next.

X.P. 1,000

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