Session 45: Little house on the Florae

The party moves on from their bivouac in the forest and heads southward. When they were leaving Baughb’s elven eyes caught sight of some broken twigs and light footprints in the soft moss around the camp. It looks like someone was watching them last night.

As they are marching, ever farther south, they come across a farm compound that looks to be abandoned. Human forces are closing in on them from both the east and west so they head for the relative shelter of the main house itself. On the top of the building is a rather odd looking flagpole or some such.

Farmhouse outside Sillil

Farmhouse and environs

As they are looking through the farmhouse they see that it was abandoned rather quickly. It takes them little time to discover the layout of the main floor and the upstairs … and the Iron Golem in the basement.

This Golem is connected by wires to a series of barrels and with iron pipe heading up through the ceiling, perhaps where the flag pole is found on the roof. Could it be a lightning rod?

Well, what is that outside? A Blue Dragon! (What a coincidence.)

Sab freaks out at the sight of the dragon and runs into the open, convinced it will bring the house down. Reck immediately leaps into action to pull her to safety but it is too late, the beast has seen her and unleashes its terrible breath weapon. However, the lightning arcs toward the house, as if something was pulling at it.

Sure enough, Daemon finds some notes from the previous mage and determines that one course of action would be to pour a flask of fluid into the Iron Golem while it gets a charge from the lighting rod. But who has time to wait for a thunder storm?

Meanwhile, the Human forces have arrived and are attacking. They are being held off at the door but its only a matter of time before they get in at Queen Isabella’s troupe.

Mod makes a mad dash for the grain silos to try and distract the humans while Cory climbs the farmhouse to try and get the dragon to breath at the lighting rod. Meanwhile Daemon is with the Iron Golem hoping he interpreted the instructions correctly.

The dragon breathes, Cory gets her share of the damage and collapses, the Iron Golem awakens, and Mod is still running.

The Golem climbs out from the basement of the house and catches the dragon’s eye immediately. The humans pull back and give the monster room while the dragon dives straight at it.

The Dragon falls upon the Golem with a boom felt in the bones. The Golem is silent and parries for a few blows while the Dragon screams its impossible battle cry and tears and pummels the giant humanoid. The two trade thunderous blows that would instantly kill any one of the massed spectators. The human leaders are trying to keep their men on-task but everyone is watching the giants.

What will you do next?…

XP: 1,000


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