Session 44: out of the fire, into the wilderness

The party was on the edge of a massive battle — one the Elves were distinctly losing. The Elvish forces were retreating towards the castle at the western end of the city and trying to buy the population time to get there.

As the party moved west they encountered the masses of citizens, mostly Elves but mixed with Humans and other races, trying to cross the single bridge that connects the castle to the rest of the city. They looked at the slow-moving mass of population and then heard of a door in the north wall. They made for the door.

After figuring out how to exit the city without leaving the door wide open they moved toward the countryside. There were Human forces coming, however, in their teams of seven as they are wont to do.

Observing the Humans you have noticed that they tend to organize in groups of seven:

  • 1 – leader
  • 1 – cleric
  • 1 – magic user
  • 4 – fighters

These teams form cohorts of 42 (6×7) and twelves of 84 (12×7) which roll up to a full army of 840 (120×7).

The city of Sillil has been attacked by no less than four armies with assorted militia and other groups (such as the slavers of Ghayll Llewellan).

Sillil Party Path

Party path from secondary square (they started at F) to docks. Dotted lines indicate Human cohorts chasing them into the forest.

But, be that as it may, the party is now outside of the walls but spotted by the Human forces surrounding the city. They head west into the forest but are waylaid along the way. They eventually make it to the forestry docks and spy a boat! They waste no time attacking the four Human guards but are stalled long enough that two survivors are able to free the boat from the dock and row out of arrow range.

It turns out that swimming with full armour plus the immense list of items on each player sheet (damn fine time to account for encumbrance!) means that the party can’t catch the fleeing boat.

At this point there are an unknown number (but somewhere between 7 and 21) of Human forces after them and they need to figure out what they will do next…

XP 1,000

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