Session 43: fighting fire with fire

The adventurers left Gate Torak after making a tidy profit on some of their more exotic merchandise. They waited and left at 4AM on the Attawattanai Express – some young Attawattanai who were training for “Ascension” as it turns out.

They described Ascension as the flying into a massive storm on top of which lies a mysterious city in the clouds and which circles the world once every six months or so. This training allowed them to carry the party to Sillil in but two days in shifts when such a distance would normally take four.

On the overnight they were annoyed by a bolter but it was dispatched by a combination attack of Daemon’s Magic Missile, Eloise’s Bow attack, and Mod’s sword.

On the way down they see three noble Elven ships brought down by a mass of Human galleys. It was like seeing an eagle harried by a flock of crows. Also, they saw many humans marching south to answer the call of their queen.

What greeted them in Sillil was not what they were looking for. The Humans had pressed the attack and already had half of the city in their grasp.

Sillil and Fort Dorvul Wartime (cropped).png

Red areas are human controlled, marked areas are individual battles, fire is, well, fire.

The square between areas B and D is Ooglykhan square. This is where Queen Isabella’s troupe was located. Some of the details when the party reconnected with Queen Isabella:

  • The horses are gone, commandeered by the Elvish military forces
  • All equipment other than riding gear is left with the caravan (except the Mithril)
  • Queen Isabella has kept the core group intact but most of the human helpers have vanished
  • Sab is incredibly happy to see her father and nearly knocks him over with her hug
  • Queen Isabella is at her wits’ end and welcomes Mod and Reck back (her replacement actors didn’t work out very well and they vanished when the fighting started)
  • Queen Isabella had been doing shows across the river at Fort Dorvul three days ago, but heard rumours of aggression from the Human forces against the Elves (much more aggressive than normal). She headed toward the more populous Elvin quarters in Sillil but did not leave immediately because:
    • She wanted to remain in a location where Mod and Reck could find her or leave reliable message to her location.
    • No one was prepared for the violence of the initial Human attack.

The group decides to head for the bridge to the south at D and use invisibility potions that Queen Isabella has to sneak past the battle and into the Elvish-controlled part of the city.

As the now invisible group heads toward the bridge they hear a whoosh and giant flaming tar bombs are lobbed over from some trebuchet farther north. The sticky flaming mess doesn’t hit any of the party but it destroys a nearby house. As pieces of wood rain down the party notices the intricate workmanship of the Elvin homes. It seems like so much waste as they look out and see the flames rising high throughout the city. So much waste.

But now is not the time to grieve timeless art, now is the time to save the only family the party has ever known. The last thing the party sees of Ooglykhan square is Narthul Khol-Khan and Spar Tor-Tokken with their squads rounding up civilians for “harvesting.”

Eloise and Mod hang back and protect the party as they cross the bridge. The party must pass dangerously close to the fierce battle raging at the far end.

Then they hear a sound to the north-east that turns their blood to ice. A sound they have never heard before in their lives but which pulls at some deep, primeval, terror and makes them want to flee, hide, and cower. Over the buildings comes a dragon, and riding on its back is none other than Ghayll-Wynn Llewellyn.

Well, things have just gone from bad to worse.

First the pair strafe the bridge and burn a bunch of the Elvin warriors pushing forward and trying to secure the bridge to bring civilians to the “safe” side of the river. The dragon turns its head though and looks directly at Mod and Eloise. It lands in front of them and Ghayll talks to it softly. Its head swings back and forth. Sensing. Mod and Eloise feel naked in front of the beast but know if they attack they will be visible once again.

While the dragon is paused, searching, Daemon gets to the far side of the river and makes some quick calculations. This is his first Fireball in anger and is close to his companions. Sure, he’s done them in practice, but if he miscalculates it his friends may pay the ultimate price.

He doesn’t miscalculate though and Ghayll and his dragon are engulfed in flames. This captures their attention and they leap skyward and head for the small figure now visible across the river.

Briefly, even Daemon is stunned by what he’s just unleashed. But then a thousand pounds of angry red dragon is flying straight towards him and he regains his wits.

Meanwhile, Reck has taken hold of Sab and is dodging around buildings to keep Mod’s only daughter out of harm’s way. The rest of Queen Isabella’s troupe is moving across the bridge as fast as they can possibly go. Mod and Eloise are now on their way across as well, hoping to get to the far side in time to help their friends.

The battle on the bridge is still ongoing… but it’s lost its vigor as both sides watch the dragon circling the small Hobbit on the grassy bank. He mutters some words and disappears again. Daemon and Cory are evading the flying beast and dodge around a building. The dragon gets a solid breath attack on them but they are both quick and evade the most deadly part of the fires. Daemon runs into the mass of human warriors looking to reinforce their comrades on the bridge and close off the Elves’ escape route.

Then, Daemon summons his mind-powers again — for his mind holds resilience and depth that none of his companions have yet guessed. Today is his day and he unleashes another ball of fiery destruction upon his enemy.

Ghayll falls to the ground and his dragon is standing, but barely, and stumbling. Mod rushes forth and dispatches the beast with a mighty slash that covers him in the warm blood of the beast.

Eloise is first to the motionless body of Ghayll and she is stabbing it repeatedly with her long sword and all of her might. She is rending it and tearing it. The rest of the party gathers and take the body to the building that Cory and Daemon just used as brief sanctuary. Then they light fire to the structure so that Ghayll’s body will be burned and never be resurrected again.

Well… that was exciting.

X.P. 4,000 each.

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1 Response to Session 43: fighting fire with fire

  1. Ando says:

    On the overnight they were annoyed by a bolter but Daemon made a quick end to it with a fireball that lit up the night. (Is that true?)

    The first fight with the bolter was a combination attack between Daemon’s Magic Missile, Eloise’s Bow attack (CQ), and I believe Mod’s sword swing.

    Cory and Daemon never actually hid inside the building, they (incorrectly?) chose to prioritize mobility, leading to both receiving 18 pts of dmg, and almost resulting in Daemon’s untimely demise.

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