Session 41: The gang’s all here

The players spend 11 weeks leveling up and gaining new abilities. At the end of this time they are invited to a gala event hosted by Lord Torak on Hadan-Batath-3 (or the 17th of Hadan). 

Lord Torak’s Party

This party is the must-attend event of the summer and all the local nobility attend from Sedaka to Norawl to Pada-Noll and all the keeps between. The attendees are:


  • 2 – Duke Tormantish Kallis
  • 2 – Duke Evan McFlanahi
  • 2 – Knight Thomkor Maquor McFlanahi
  • 2 – Duke Sean & Dutchess Doyle (dark foreigner)
  • 2 – Duke & Duchess Murphy
  • 2 – Duchess & Duke Bjorn
  • 2 – Duke & Duchess O’Doherty
  • 2 – Duke & Duchess McQuinnosh
  • 2 – Duchess & Duke O’Toralach
  • 2 – Duchess & Duke Maquor
  • 2 – Duke & Duchess Hoshphar
  • 2 – Duchess & Duke McKarntir
  • 2 – Duke & Duchess Von Reighten
  • 1 – Seer Florence Tack
  • 2 – Ghayll-Wynn Llewellyn & companion (woman in chains)


  • 1 – Narthul Khol-Khan
  • 1 – Spar Tor-Tokken
  • 1 – Burnando of the Frozen Tree Lands
  • 4 – Elves (Lorien Havashar)
  • 1 – Tondes Mirian Mul (the sister from the Cabed Kar running the brothel)
  • 1 – Terence McFarlain
  • 4 – Queens’ Guard (per description in notes) (Commander, MU, 2 fighters)
  • 5 – Unknown Party (Elf Ranger, Human Cleric (Illucidor), Halfling Thief, Dwarf Fighter, Gnome MU)
  • 8 – Cory, Daemon, Eöl, Emanthol, Reck, Mod, Baughb, Elise
  • 26 – Attendants for Dukes & Duchesses

The New Stars

While the others are talking Seer Florence Tack takes notice of the party and invites them up to see something that has been puzzling him. He highlights the new stars in the constellation of The Hunter (video below).

When Eöl offers him two gold pieces for more information he decides that he has the wrong people and quickly sends them away. Eöl finds a lever on the wall on the top floor of the stairs and cannot resist pulling it. When he does the landings of all floors open up – luckily no one was on them.

War is Declared

There is the expected amount of tension when you have Ghayll’s men and the party in the same room but things are under control. Then the Queen’s Guard open the door and six riders approach (and the wind begin to howl).

The riders are emissaries from Queen Roselain and they read a statement:

Be it known that the great Queen Roselain requires the arms of every able man and woman in a fight with the Elves to the South. For too long they have kept us prisoner in the barren Northern lands. It is our right and our destiny to take what is ours and push the Elves before us.

We hereby declare war on the Elven nations of Florae and Imperial Ward. They have the choice to allow us in as benign rulers or to fight us. We hope for the former but expect the latter.

We must claim these lands for they hold the key for Humanity’s survival in this land of Yalarad.

All able-bodied men and women are to make their way to Fort Dorvul as soon as they are able. There they will be given orders.

Aldurin Vio Flaskmur

In this environment Aldurin Vio Flaskmur is brought forward to play … and play he does. He enchants the audience with tales of peace and prosperity but they soon wake to their new reality and talk turns to war.

Aldurin does talk with Reck and Baughb and tells the former his new song and teaches the latter some chords (200xp).

Reck follows Ghayll and finds out that he is not pleased that his “property” has been set free.

Now the party has some choices to make as there are a number of possible actions to take from here.

XP: 1,000

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