Session 40: Gate Torak dinner party slice and dice

After examining the Temple of Arepo, the party moves on to the castle itself. At the outer gates are some guards with their let’s-fight-I’ll-be-resurrected attitude. The party manages to pass them by with Reck and Baughb both invisible.

The castle is on a rock island in the middle of a small lake with suspension bridges on three sides. These bridges look like they could be quickly released from the island side… interesting. Somehow the party members manage to pass them by without trying to trigger the mechanism.

At the castle itself the party gains entrance and are led into the main hall. They are escorted up a floor to the dining hall.

As Mod decides to snoop around a bit Lord Torak comes down and dispatches him swiftly and expertly. Mod’s body will be repaired by the Church of Arepo, but his armour is now +2 rather than -2 until it can be expertly repaired.

Meanwhile, the invisible Reck and Baughb are actually reconnoitring the place and find bedrooms only one floor above the dining hall. The guards have been alerted to intruders and are smartly doing a pass with ropes to find anyone.

Baughb is captured but Reck eludes the guards by climbing above the King’s chamber door.

In classic Gate Torak manner, the King finds the whole invade-the-castle-looking-for-our-friend misadventure entertaining and a good test of his guards’ abilities. He invites the surviving members to dinner.

Eventually the party is shown their rooms one floor below ground and they come face to face with Cory. Mod is there too, but still on the mend.

XP: 500


The party may stay at the castle for an extended period because of the Letter of Passage carried by Cory. The party eventually learn that Cory’s body was not allowed to be looted because the Church of Arepo normally pays for resurrections by taking the goods on the dead person. Since, however, Cory had the letter she was allowed to keep all her equipment.

Since there is a period of rest available, the party may study and raise their levels at the normal rate (100 g.p. and 1 week per level – serial for multiple levels*).

Learnings During Training

There are a number of things you learn during the endless days of training… they will be revealed at the next session.

* be thankful I don’t use the true level rules or you wouldn’t be able to collect experience once you hit the next level…

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