Session 39: aerie there yet?

The party arrives at the aerie of the Attawattanai and talks long with their guide. They learn a few things about the Attawattanai:

  • They are strong, but fragile
  • Flying is very important to them but they lose the ability in late middle age
  • Many choose to commit suicide rather than live without being able to fly
    • They can do this because they can close off all their orifices and literally suffocate themselves
  • The Attawattanai live by selling their valuable service of quick transport, otherwise they keep to themselves
  • There are other aeries around Yalarad and each has a distinct territory
  • There was talk about ascension but little detail was given

When they were released into Gate Torak they were drugged first and dropped off outside town with all their equipment.

Gate Torak

The PCs wandered in and discovered that fighting to the death is like a national sport in Gate Torak.

  • Fighting to the death happens all the time, because…
  • The men who fight are promptly resurrected by the Church of Arepo (god of death, and outlawed in many City States)
  • Since they get resurrected, they get a lot of experience very quickly
  • Women and children, including boys before the age of 13, are not resurrected so they keep their heads down so to speak

The PCs learn that Cory is likely at the Church of Arepo since, if she was here to be resurrected, that is where they would do it.

The PCs promptly head in that direction. On their way they notice a fire in a building to the west of the inner gates. They hear a woman’s screams coming from the building and see a female human in the window on the second floor with flames and smoke all around. She is yelling about the children that are with her.

There is a large group of men in front of the building and they are rushing into the building one at a time yelling things “I’ll save you!” or “Glory is mine!”

The PCs see that this frontal assault is essentially fatal as none of the men return so they take a side window and enter the building to help the woman. They get her and the children to safety to boos and heckles from the crowd that swiftly extinguishes the fire once the victims are freed.

Talking to the woman the party learns that this is a semi-common occurrence in Gate Torak. Men will put women and children in danger and then vie to be the one that saves them… but the whole thing is staged, with the exception that the women and children die and are not resurrected if the men fail.

With confused and heavy hearts the party gets to the Church of Arepo. It is an impressive building with many acolytes wandering the halls muttering with their faces hidden. The party explores a bit and comes across the Cardinal in one of the main chambers, he informs them that their friend had a “letter of passage” and that she has been sent to the castle. There are “festivities” planned for tomorrow.

The party retires to Inn Holgrath, located where Hadan Square meets Viglundr Way.

Need a refresher on Gate Torak? See the map page.

(Note: I have combined the last two sessions since they were rather short and comprised one plot point.)

XP: 500


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