Session 38: time to fly

Well, Ghayll’s forces have retreated to the encampment with Cory’s lifeless corpse. 

Baughb sends a prisoner (injured but mobile) off with a note that essentially says:


We have your sword after besting your in your own stockade. You need to provide Cory alive and well and we will exchange it for our friend.

Baughb then looks for a negotiation angle with the Attawattanai. It turns out that the seriously injured one committed suicide as it felt like it would never be able to fly again.

They are suspicious at first but eventually Baughb gets Balhor and the surviving Attawattanai to come to a deal.

Meanwhile the party sees a flight of Rocs land at Ghayll’s encampment. An hour later they leave and one is carrying a person-sized wrapped package. Guessing that it is Cory they make a deal with the Attawattanai to take them to Gate Torak, the most likely place that Ghayll would send that package. The Attawattanai have an aerie up in the mountains close to Gate Torak so that is an obvious place to go.

The players spend 10 days travelling to the aerie. Along the way they have a nominal number of interactions but they also see:

  • The Elvish lands are peaceful, verdant, and lovely
  • The small towns are generally welcoming with the exception of one or two raucous individuals
  • They see a number of CSQR war triremes in the Bay of Oornalyph
  • As they get to Sillil they see troop buildups around Fort Dorvul
  • As they fly north they see more troops on the move … there is a mobilization going on

At the end of the session they land at the Aerie.

XP: 500

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