Session 37: still with the frontal assault

The adventure continues! For unexplained reasons all but Baughb, Cory, and Eol vanish and the three find themselves alone… with 45 Dwarves and in the middle of the attack by Ghayll’s forces.

It’s a long grind for Ghayll’s archers. They work their way up the road but take heavy losses, but also inflict a lot of damage. There were more than their fare share of unfortunate spills for the party, but when they did slip they tended to be behind the Dwarf wall so were protected from shots from below. Regardless, the bows of Baughb and Eol were singing and the enemy were succumbing to the fusillade.

Then, just as their ranks are dwindling, four cloaked figure move forward. On their armour is the sign of Arepo and they begin making the party immobile. This was bad.

During the fray Cory quaffs an invisibility potion and decides to climb out on the cliff above Ghayll and friends. Somehow juggling her grip on the wall with an oil flask and a flint and steel she is able to get the flask lit without being noticed. A gentle lob and the oil lands right on Ghayll, running down his shiny new armour and lighting on fire as it goes.

The final remaining elite archer turned to see her and loosed a perfect shot. The arrow pierced Cory’s heart and dropped her like a songbird.

Ghayll had survived his fiery ordeal and ordered a retreat. They took Cory’s body with them when they left.

XP 1,000

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