Session 29: it’s hard to enslave good help any more

The first guards were dispatched back to whatever fell fate awaits them in the underworld of Arepo. Taking stock of the situation the party still feels the ominous maw of the cave entrance like a sword hanging over them by a thread.

As they are deciding what to do, a third wave of guards pour forth from the barracks and try to engage the party. They are dropped with suspicious ease. Truth be told, the party was smoking hot with barely a missed shot. Still, Mleou won’t allow this for long. Also, in the barracks the party finds healing potions galore. It’s too bad the guards didn’t get back to drink them.

The large building in the back is next. It turns out to be the residence of Ghayle and is staffed by four rather attractive slaves. One of them isn’t all that keen on leaving when the party bursts into the house and seems to have some loyalty to the masters. Not so for the female chained in Ghayl’s room. She is all too willing to join up and seems eager to fight the slavers.

In the house the party finds a map book (represented by the file emailed) and various other odds and ends as well as what seems to be a route listed by city names with numbers between them.

Baughb gives the slaves a few gold to supply them with food and shows them Ghayl’s sword. That breaks the stalemate and they all decide to leave asap.

Just then the shrill sound of a whistle pierces the air and the deep voices of dwarves can be heard.

XP: 1,000

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