Session 28: long climb to a warm welcome

The mighty adventurers awoke from their rest, aching from the roadside encounter resulting in the creation Ankheg feed — slain slavers.  After distributing the newly acquired equipment among the party, the group gathered themselves and headed north toward the mine.

The pathway gradually went from meandering between rocky outcroppings into a small road that wound around a cliff face.  The party, consisting of our heroes and more than a few dwarves, made their way along this path toward the mining encampment.

The elves among the party noticed the camp watch, which prompted the party to adopt a slightly stealthier approach.  The party attempted to disguise the dwarves as taller humanoids with the use of cloaks and mancatchers.

This ruse did not prove to be as effective as the party had hoped.  The guard was alerted to the party’s approach causing them to abandon their disguises and draw their weapons.  The adventurers were forced to break into a flat run for the last several yards up the path to the camp.  Cory scaled the wall, attempting to flank whatever force might have been arrayed to fend off the party.

Baughb was the first to face the camp’s defense, letting his deadly arrows fly at the line of archers.  The devastating missiles made short work of the opposition.  Balhor and his dwarf companions wasted no time and fearlessly charged.  The rest of the party made their way to the landing at the top of the ramp and joined the fray, quickly dispatching the defenders.

A trio of guards started setting up a ballista in one of the towers, catching Cory’s attention.  Her sudden change in direction alerted Emmenthol to the ballista and its operators.  Emmenthol fired a couple of arrows at them, scoring a couple of hits.  Simultaneously, Daemon raised his hands and sent forth a duo of glowing sparks of energy, driving into the chest of one of the archers.

One of the guards pulled a flask and drank from it.  Amazingly, he seemd to fade from existence.  Baughb, undeterred by this new challenge, took aim and fired at the last place the guard stood, but the arrow flew off into the distance.  Catching an unnatural shimmer at the corner of his eye, Baughb turned and let loose his second arrow which found its mark.  With the half-visible, suspended arrow bouncing toward the cave mouth to the north, Baughb fired again and ended the defender’s escape attempt.

Emmenthol drew the attention of the guards in the tower, buying a few moments before they attacked with the deadly machine.  The ballista operators managed to launch a projectile toward Baughb and the dwarves, but it fell short of any of the targets.

Cory demonstrated great agility, bounding up the lashed supports of the tower and slaying the ballista winch winder.  By the time Emmenthol made it up the tower ladder, Cory and Baughb had dealt with the remaining guards.  One of which, quaffed a potion of invisibility, but fell to his death from the 15 foot tower.

A small group of additional guards emerged from one of the buildings to the east, but were quickly overwhelmed by Bahlor, his dwarves, Daemon and Baughb.  Stowing their weapons, the party rummaged through the belongings of their victims.  The search yielded 3 potions of invisibility, but not much else.

Do the heroes have time to rest?  They could be in imminent danger from whatever may be observing them from the surrounding buildings.  They could also be in peril from whatever exists beyond the cave entrance before them.

X,P. 1,000

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