Session 21: does this look petrified to you?

The party now had a Medusa head in a bag (naturally, no one had ever heard of not taking the head) so it was time to see if they could use this to their advantage. They went back to the main entrance and burst through.

There was a lone guard. He immediately moved to pull a horn from his cloak but it was shot by a masterful arrow by  (I FORGET… WHO DID THIS?) Baughb and clattered to the ground. He turned and fled, escaping towards the Cabed Kar, surely to warn the rest of the guards.

Meanwhile, Mod was intent on finding his daughter so quickly opened the secret door to the north-west. The 5-foot wide corridors were narrower than normal but the party managed to look around quickly and nearly fell over one another when they found a room that turned out to be what looked like an office. As the party engaged a couple of guards in the room more started flooding in from the door.

Meanwhile, a female Elf fled through another secret door (don’t they have any normal doors here?). The party followed her and ended up in a bedroom. The fireplace of this room joined with one from an adjacent room. Just when the party thought they had the Elf cornered (she must know where Sab is) a very dextrous figure lept through the fireplace, tumbled to the Elf and “poof” they both disappeared. There were hints that they were still in the room, and the PCs tried to follow. They managed to jump into the outer room, which turned out to be the main theatre for the Laughing Stone Giant, but lost the invisible Elf and her guardian.

Still on the prowl for Sab, the party played up the activities as part of an act and fled behind the stage curtain.

XP: 500

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What really happened?

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