Session 6 – You know… travelling is boring

  • The caravan moved up the cliff face slowly, seemingly taking forever
  • The draft horses were straining, the veins on their muscled necks standing out in relief to their glistening coats
  • At times the caravan would come to a complete stop as the guards and animal handlers had to push the heavily laden wagons to surpass a particularly steep grade
  • Winches were used as well when necessarily
  • The group was spread out across the long wagon train as it wound its way up the moss wall
  • As the end was in sight Ool thought he saw something on the top of the cliff silhouetted against the sky, something humanoid, but it was gone in a flash
  • Cory decided to move forward and warn the others, a decision that proved nearly fatal as a workman moving a sack of grain nearly pushed her right over the edge and down the 750 m drop to the cliff base
  • She clung on though and made her way up the caravan, albeit more slowly and carefully
  • On hearing the news, Cyran sent his falcon up to see if it could see anything, but by the flight pattern it looked like it saw nothing
  • The caravan inched closer to the top of the cliff
  • From nowhere, rocks started raining down on the groups, narrowly missing Cory and startling the horses and men and bringing the whole train to a halt
  • All of the PCs were moving to the front and Garrak got there first.
  • In typical Garrak fashion he charged ahead and Daemon and Cory followed, at a safe distance
  • The rocks stopped
  • Garrak was certain he’d seen something in thebush and charged in, determined to find whatever, or whoever was there
  • One thing was certain, it couldn’t be Orcs, there are no Orcs in the Florae mountains
  • As the rest of the group arrived Cyran sent his falcon to scout and his cat to seek
  • The falcon circled tightly, it had seen something at the far end of the bush 400m away
  • Suddenly, they saw six humanoid figures running from the bush. They were Orcs. But how could that be!?!
  • The group gave chase but the Orcs had a head start and couldn’t be caught
  • Reluctantly, they stayed with the caravan to make sure it was safe
  • The desolation in the valley was nearly complete, trees dead and dry, even the grasses dead, only the occasional twisted, tough, evil shrub clung to life
  • The caravan made its way to Starry Deep, an old rest stop that had been abandoned and picked clean
  • The group investigated the three buildings but found nothing, no sign of the Orcs either
  • As they looked around behind the buildings they came across two natural caverns in the cliff, and one of them had been used recently
  • Cyran held a conference with the horses, his falcon, and his cat
  • The horses were told to stay put and don’t get eaten, this caused no end of consternation for the poor herd animals
  • The cat was to stand guard and “come find me” if it saw anything
  • The falcon was to look and make sure the Orcs were not around
  • Then the party made its way into the dark crack in the mountain
  • Cory is human so they needed to use a bullseye lantern to see, this caused no end of shuffling, but they eventually managed to get it lit and see ahead
  • Garrak decided to map, it’s not really his temperament, but he proved adept
  • The group found a natural cavern with a 10’ square of wood on the floor which proved interesting but did nothing
  • Ementhol decided that the recess was a perfect place to put his hand, Cyran cried out but it was too late. Luckily it was just a latch.
  • While the others debated the merits of one crack over another Garrak stepped to the south and pulled the latch on that crack.
  • He saw a non-natural cavern heading south, the party looked and knew that something waited for them…


What will be down that hall? Where did the Orcs go? Are they waiting to spring a trap?

XP: 250

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